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What are debentures?

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What are debentures?..

Answer / birbal

debentures are the long term loan for company. it has a
fixed rate of intrest and fixed maturation time and it is
fully scured against the fixe assets.

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What are debentures?..

Answer / bindu

Debenture is an acknowledge of debt.

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What are debentures?..

Answer / syamala

A formal document constituting acknowledgement of a debt by
an enterprise,usually given under its common seal and
normally containing provisions regarding payment of
interest,repayment of principle and security,if any.

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What are debentures?..

Answer / inthumathi.k

a debt secured only by the debtors earning power,not by a
lien on any specific asset.

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What are debentures?..

Answer / meenakshi

debenture is a certificate or voucher acknowledging a debt

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What are debentures?..

Answer / sanjit kumar nanda

A debenature is a document ,which either creates a debt or
acknowledges the same under the seal of the compny

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What are debentures?..

Answer / j.jeetesh

bonds not secured by any specific property based on the
full faith and credit of the issuer

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What are debentures?..

Answer / chaitanya

debenture is long termloan borrowed from lenders. after
maturity it can converted into Shares.

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What are debentures?..

Answer / a.rahman hanfi

loans taken from the public by a company is debenture.

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What are debentures?..

Answer / kapilesh kumar shukla

Debentures are long term loan issued under the seal of
company to obtain funds.Debentures holders get the (return
on the fixed intrest rates) they get the return when there
funds get matured.Debentures is also known as
securities,It's is not secured by any phisicalassets

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