What is pour point?

What is pour point?..

Answer / vigneshwar.r

it is a temperature at which the fluid has the ability to

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Anybody please send me the papers of the reliance exam (apti and tech) so that i can go through it) mail me at raminder_verma@rediffmail.com

0 Answers   Reliance,

Give the procedures in starting centrifugal pumps.

0 Answers   RRB,

sir, i am going to appear in the test of BEML 2009 so i want to get the type of question paper asked in previous exams of BEML.

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Iam a 2006 graduate and applying for ms degree course in USA for spring 2010.I have also received i20 from universities.I also have work experience as a cad engineer for almost 2.6 yrs. please tell me what kind of questions can be raised by US Consulate for my situation and how to answers them.

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wat do u meant by mechanical enggg

8 Answers   Texas,

What is the maximum cylinder head temperature of a 1200 KW, 12 cylinders DG set

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what is the difference between pulley and chain???

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Can anybody please provide any link to calculate force rquired to bend a metal sheet into pipe? or describe how is it calculated?

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What is the function of rocker arm

3 Answers   HPCL, Engineers India Limited,


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How can we calculate the capacity of each impeller in a multi stage pump(Condensate extraction pump having 5 stage used in thermal power station)How it varies in pumping capacity on removing different stages?

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How to calculate compression spring force ?

3 Answers   L&T,

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