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Automation of XYZ Soft drink parlour
XYZ Soft drink Parlour wants to automate its functionalities.
The Admin can add new items in the stock and also update the
details of the
existing items. The items are only soft drinks .The details
to be maintained
are Item’s name, quantity and price.
The salesman can view the availability of the items as per
the order placed
then confirms the order.
At the end of day the Admin generates a report of the total
sales (total
quantity and price of individual items).

Identify the Joins , union, and Cartesian product Report.

Automation of XYZ Soft drink parlour XYZ Soft drink Parlour wants to automate its functionalities..

Answer / rahul bisht

there are 4 tables , salesman , item , order, item details,
salesman-itm :1to many
order-Item:many to many

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