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Can a transformer be used as voltage or current amplifier?

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Can a transformer be used as voltage or current amplifier?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Yes, but not with the same tr

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Can a transformer be used as voltage or current amplifier?..

Answer / badri narayan satpathy

No. Because trnsformer power is constant.

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Can a transformer be used as voltage or current amplifier?..

Answer / gazi jahidul haque

The output and input powers are same and there is not any
another source other than the signal (that is incoming AC
voltage), Amplifier can amplify the signal voltage without
reducing the output current.

Transformer follows the principle of induction where as
Amplifier follows the principle of boosting the signal
(voltage or current). Actually, the amplifier generates a
completely new output signal based on the input signal. We
can understand these signals as two separate circuits.

The output circuit is generated by the amplifier’s power
supply, which draws energy from a battery or power outlet.

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