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portno for HTTP & HTTPS

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portno for HTTP & HTTPS..

Answer / gopi

HTTP - 80
HTTPS - 443

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portno for HTTP & HTTPS..

Answer / ajit kumar nayak


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portno for HTTP & HTTPS..

Answer / anup

Application pools are used to separate sets of IIS worker
processes that share the same configuration and application
boundaries. Application pools used to isolate our web
application for better security, reliability, and
availability and performance and keep running with out
impacting each other . The worker process serves as the
process boundary that separates each application pool so
that when one worker process or application is having an
issue or recycles, other applications or worker processes
are not affected.
One Application Pool can have multiple worker process Also.

Main Point to Remember:
1. Isolation of Different Web Application
2. Individual worker process for different web application
3. More reliably web application
4. Better Performance

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