explain abt ur project architecture?

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How can we eliminate duplicate rows from flatfile,explain?

3 Answers  

what is surrogatekey ? In ur project in which situation u has used ? explain with example ?

6 Answers  

Hi All, I've 110 records in my table but 101 records contains an error. When I run the session, I want to load the 100 records into the target. Can anyone suggest me the best solution for this... Thanks in Advance,

6 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

How to Explain My project flow,In TCS ased me this question. In which way i can start my project flow and they asked how many fact tables and dimensional tables u used. Can any one Explain Briefly for this question and project architecture also.. please..

3 Answers   TCS, Infosys, CTS, HCL,

What is the difference between a shortcut of an object and copy of an object? Compare them.

3 Answers  

Using Connected or unconnected lookup for performance wise which one is preferable?.

0 Answers   Deloitte,

what is lookup ?

7 Answers  

can we have to do changes in session property when we are dynamically generating target files?

3 Answers   Wipro,

What is Index Caches size?

0 Answers   Informatica,

how to create user defined function (udf) in informatica

0 Answers   Informatica,

if i am having 10 records in source, i want 20 records in target...how will you do it

13 Answers   IBM, BirlaSoft,

What are steps to follow Informatica migration from 7x to 8x? Pls Explain...

1 Answers   TCS, CTS,