explain abt ur project architecture?

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How informatica recognizes mapping?

2 Answers   CTS,

What is Session and Batches?

0 Answers   Informatica,

We can achieve better perfomance using sorter before an aggragator. Then what is the significance of 'Sorted Input' check in aggregator ?? Please let me know the difference ??

2 Answers  

What is different between informatica version 8 and 9 version

1 Answers   IBM, Cognizant,

2,if we have 3 pipeline containing 3 targets and each target is connected with diff sequence generator ,let us assume first target is populated with seq no1-9,so what would be the number generated by other two sequence generator?what is the diff in o/p if when we use reusable sequence generator?what would be the diff if we place expression in between target and sequence generator?

2 Answers   Emphasis,

Converting Rows to columns I have Relational source like his. JAN FEB MAR APR 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 100 200 300 I need to convert these rows into columns to the targe. MONTH TOTAL JAN 1500 FEB 900 MAR 1200 APR 1500 Please experts help me

8 Answers   HP,

How to load last n records of file into target table - informatica

0 Answers   Informatica,

What is the difference between Power Centre and Power Mart?

5 Answers   TCS,

lookup is passive y can't it be active? let us say i have some records in my source like 101,rohit,1000 101,rohit,1000 102,kumar,2000 like wise now as it is having multiple matches i return only first,last value it can't return bouth the values that means lookup is acting as select distinct right by default what means it is active?

5 Answers   IBM,

what is the command to get the list of files in a directory in unix?

5 Answers   iGate,

Informatica software installation 8.1/7.1.3/7.1 with oracle 10g database (optional Teradata v2R6)

1 Answers  

What are the ETL tools available in DWH?

6 Answers   Mphasis,