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Whats error code s222?

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / v@m$i

S222 means job was cancelled by a user or operator

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / kiran balerao

s222 = you cancelled your job.

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / bharu

when the program is in loop , in time out situation we face this abend.

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / piyush mani

i have faced this abend in case of time limit...
can any1 tell me how 2 cancel a job????

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / simha

we use disp=mod in jcl .how handle this in cobol program

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / snehatechm

when ur program run out of time then it throws error s222

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Whats error code s222?..

Answer / mahesh

suppose program is not executed within time we
sprcified(TIME PARAMETRE).it shows error s222.

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