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Interview xperience at barc

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Interview xperience at barc..

Answer / hemanddreamer

It was quite mind-shaking experience, it was purely about
basics, it was not the questions but the way they asked them
& their expressions on reply were quite unusual.
One thing is for sure to crack such interviews is that, you
got be very clear about the basics & firm on the same thing.
You got to think differently, & reply in the manner they
don't expect & in the way they ask u the question,that' u
got to make full use of Newton's third law of motion as
applied to answering their questions!!

Mostly m not expecting to be selected this year, but surely
will appear next year again, & will crack it 4 sure!!!

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Interview xperience at barc..

Answer / om prakash yadav

go to my Homepage, I have attached a doc file containing the
whole procedure they adopt and the questions asked from me.

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