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what is high temperature corrosion and what is center

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what is high temperature corrosion and what is center priming. ..

Answer / evanesh

If a fuel contains vanadium and sodium. At high tempereture vandaium forms vandaiumpentoxide and sodium vanadate compound in liquid state. this compounds are highly corrosive. In this sodium act as a catalyst. to avoid resduce sodium in fuel

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what is high temperature corrosion and what is center priming. ..

Answer / georgemqe

When material exposed to high temperature atmospehic
situation like high level of oxygen presence, sulfer
presence and different type chemical presence cause
matrial worsening . This type of material corrosion is
known as High temperature corrosion

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what is high temperature corrosion and what is center priming. ..

Answer / rick

...vandaiumpentoxide and sodium vanadate are more hard,
they can attach on the metal, such as valves and cylinder
wall, make the later corrosion fasterly, so this is called
high temperature corrosion.
center priming mean centrifugal pump.

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