what is spceific fuel consumption and how fuel calculate.

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what is spceific fuel consumption and how fuel calculate...

Answer / yoganand.k

If you know the tested SFC of that engine,multiplying with
the total power output and again multiplying it with 24
will give you the consumption per day.

For Example;

main engine power = 500 kW
SFC of M/E = 170 g/kWh

Fuel consumption/day = 500*170*24/10^6
= 2.04 tons/day

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what is spceific fuel consumption and how fuel calculate...

Answer / rick

generally,it·s refer to the fuel consumtion rate, there
are several deferent way to catlculate the specific fuel
consuption, such as volumetric method and flow method. but
these methods can be taken only in lab. no possible do it
on the sea.

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