how many types of ships?

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / sumanth

Ships are divided into various types depending on their
nature of service.

1. Cargo Ships (Bulk carriers, general cargo carriers,
container vessels, oil tankers, chemical tankers, Product
tankers, gas carriers, Ro-Ro ships). Depending on their
sizes they are again classified as handymax, panamax,
suezmax, afromax, vlcc, ulcc, vloc, vlgc, etc.

2. Passenger Ships

3. Serivce ships, such as cable laying submarines, off shore
supply vessels, dp vessels etc

4. Protection such as war ships, Navy submarines etc.

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / sithathur ramamoorthy

cargo ships(container,tanker,bulk carrier)
passanger ships(up to star cruise)
war ships
sub marines

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / tutul

1. cargo 2. container 3. roll on-roll off.4 passenger 5.
tanker 6.Hydrofoils 7.submarine

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / suprim

Two type ships. A-type free-board for this type vessel
carrier liquied(tanker). Other than A- type vessel all
vessel are B-type free-board.

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / tej

1) General
cargo ship

2) container

3) bulk carrier

4) L N G carrier

5) L P G carrier

6) passenger

7) Tugs

8) Hover crafts

9) Hydro foil

10) Multi hull

11) RORO ships

12) Barge

13) Semi

14) Drill ships

15) Pipe laying

16) Research

17) Dredgers

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / dd

the merchant ships are divided by the type of cargo that was carrying following below:
1.cargo(container,ro-ro ships, oil-tanker, chemical tankers, product tankers, LPG and LNG gas carriers)

for passengers:
2. passenger vessel

in navy:
3.sub-marine and war ships

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / gunasiva1995

cargo ships
passenger ships
goods ships

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how many types of ships?..

Answer / nihar ranjan

Cargo, Tanker

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