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what is leading peak in hplc

what is leading peak in hplc..

Answer / ravi narwade

It is the peak due to void volume.

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How do we fix the sample concentaryion in hplc method development?

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what is mean by peak intigrity?

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Near infrared Principle

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why we are using in ph calibrations ph4,7,9.2 buuffers only?

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In the isomers,enantiomers give the only physical properties present such that no chemical properties present.

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If i performing one analysis on C8column then the same analysis done on C18 column then what will happen about Rt;Resulution;Peak shape Explain ?

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1 why polyesterene film used for ftir calibration ? 2 why k2cr2o7 is used for control of abs in uv ? 3 why holmium oxide used for control of wavelength in uv

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I have compare C2H2-air and C2H2-N2O flame AAS on determination calcium. Both use same range of std to plot calibration curve. (2-6ppm) When i measure the sample with phosphate, KCl and LaCl, C2H2-N2O flame give false positive result, around 0.5ppm. When i measure the sample with phosphste, KCl and EDTA. C2H2-N2O flame also give 0.5ppm false positive. But both above mentioned sample would not give false positive when measured by C2H2-air flame. What is the reason?

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What is Threshold in hplc?

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