what is Partitioning ? where we can use Partition?

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what is Partitioning ? where we can use Partition?..

Answer / mahesh

The Partitioning Option increases Power Center?s
performance through parallel data processing, and this
option provides a thread-based architecture and automatic
data partitioning that optimizes parallel processing on
multiprocessor and grid-based hardware environments.
Partitions are used to optimize the session performance. We
can select in session properties for partitions
Types- Default----pass through partition, key range
partition, round robin partition, hash partition.

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what is Partitioning ? where we can use Partition?..

Answer / annu

Partitioning is a utility provided by informatica which
evolves nature of parallel processing on a grid or
multiprocessor database architecture. Partition means
a "thread of ETL data load in chunks". Like Unix, Multiple
data load thead will be executed parallely and sync up the
result set to one instance of Target.

For more detail of using Informatica Partitioning with
visual graphs
visit : http://informatica-tech-talk.blogspot.com/

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what is Partitioning ? where we can use Partition?

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