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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?

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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?..

Answer / krishna

when we use concurrent process to load when session
fails ...all other session will run normally and load the
data..the failed session will considered as a standalone
sesion ...and we have perform recovery for the failed
there three type where we can recover a failed session

1.start the session again if the Informatica server doesnt
perform the commit

2.else perform recovery on the session

3. if we can recover the session truncacte the data from
target table and run the session.

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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?..

Answer / aswin

Its purely depending on the way the design involved..Recovery strategy is not possible with flatfile targets..If commit happens inbetween, there is no point in running session from beginning

so manual intervention is required to restat the flatfile target load fails

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How to recover sessions in concurrent batches?..

Answer / seshagiri k

by removing the target table and run the session again

if it is wrong pls send the answer to my mail

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