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what is the gap analysis?

what is the gap analysis?..

Answer / slim

its the difference between what is needed and what is

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what are the transformations that are used in data cleansing ? and how data cleansing takes place ?

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How to display last 5 records in a table ? With out Top key word and doing order by desc Advance thanks

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What is staging area?

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What are your source in project and how you import in informatica? How can i explain abt this?

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Repository user profiles

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Can you start a session inside a batch individually?

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What is the maplet?

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what are the best practices to extract data from flat file source which are bigger than 100 mb memory?

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I want expect first and last record remaining all records will be loaded into target? which transformations we can use?

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Data is passed from one active trans and one passive trans into a passive transformation.Is the mapping valid or invalid?

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What is an expression transformation?

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