wipro interview question on 28-Apr-10
1.what type of authentication used in web service,
2.what are type of multithreding ?
3.diff bet delegate and multithreading?
4.how to write update query trigger in stored procedure.
5. if you are so sharp then what happens when you
click .net appln exe in system,who CLR get loaded.
6.how to use work flown in application.
7.what is main purpose of script manager.
8.how u handle cretical transaction.
9.how you syncronize the method from no of user,
10.how change name of shared assambly

wipro interview question on 28-Apr-10 1.what type of authentication used in web service, 2.what ar..

Answer / parthi

2. Simultaneous multithreading,Interleaved
multithreading,Block multithreading

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