Why a framework is needed?? Plaese post your answers ASAP

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Why a framework is needed?? Plaese post your answers ASAP..

Answer / chinna

Framework means generic work or set of guidelines designed
by experts for developing any project. By using this
framework one can easily understand the project details and
develop a defect free project.

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Why a framework is needed?? Plaese post your answers ASAP..

Answer / ramchandra

Hi all,

A framework defines q set of guidelines for all phases of test automation. We design framework to reduce complexity of internal architecture which makes it easy to use for end user who may can be q non technical. U can say it's set of standards for automation.

Ramchandra Patil

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Why a framework is needed?? Plaese post your answers ASAP..

Answer / sasmi

Basically Automation is converting manual test cases into
Automation test scripts..
Framework is used to automate, the execution of these
automated test scripts.

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