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if full in Object Repostoiory then how to load other Object

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if full in Object Repostoiory then how to load other Object Repository..

Answer / nanda

Hi...remember one thing OR never gets full..

if situation comes...and u r using 9.0 or above..

u can go for Object repository Manager..there u can create
another object repository...and by using associate
repositories tool u can associate that repository to current this u can associate number of repositories for
same test....

if want to execute that repository at run time..

repositoriescollection.add "<repository file path>"
this will execute the repository file at run time only..if u
used this second time in same test it will over write the
old repository...and enables new repository given by u...

If any queries regarding this...

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if full in Object Repostoiory then how to load other Object Repository..

Answer / sankalp shukla

we can load object repository from scripting (run time)also
with RepositoriesCollection.Add() method.

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