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what is the max spacing of 2 columns upto which there is no
need to put beam betwn dem.and how to fix the location of
columns and beams in home construction.

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what is the max spacing of 2 columns upto which there is no need to put beam betwn dem.and how to ..

Answer / guest

Beams are act like a ( frammed) binding the columns so that
a strong structure is created. ( for example- legs of a
table). it also transfer load to the columns equally.
columns are generally placed according desigining of
structure, architectural views,In residential purpose
columns are placed according to spacing of room,
architecural view and size of structure. location of
columns are fixed according to room. if posibile columns
are not consider as a obstruct to room.

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what is the max spacing of 2 columns upto which there is no need to put beam betwn dem.and how to ..

Answer / akashkhutia

beams in any kinds of construction is provided to have a
frame and continuity in the sructure . placing of beams
between two columns is decieded according to the slab
rested on it , the area a slab imposeed to the beam , which
further transfers to the column . columns generally should
be placed is such a way so that it make a symmectric frame
and are equally placed . beamns are the supporting party
for slabs / cantelever slabs and again the cross beamns are
placed for brick work withen (in design consideration such
beamns are provided with partial moment releases)

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