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what"s the abbreviation for P.C.C? what"s the formula to
calculate 1m3 P.C.C consumption?

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what"s the abbreviation for P.C.C? what"s the formula to calculate 1m3 P.C.C consumption..

Answer / nravindran

P.c.c Plain cement concrete, in IS clearly mentioned cement
content with water cemnet ratio

Mild 220 Kg/Cum 0.6,
Moderate 240 Kg/Cum 0.6,
Severe 250 Kg/Cum 0.5,
Very severe 260 Kg/Cum 0.45,
Extreme 280 Kg/Cum 0.4.

This above details clearly mentioned in IS 456 Page 20

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what"s the abbreviation for P.C.C? what"s the formula to calculate 1m3 P.C.C consumption..

Answer / ronak shah

i think you want to ingradient consumption.

then add 52% shrinkag (converting dry to wet volume)

consumption of cement= 1.52/(sum of propertion)= value

number of cement=value/0.0348.

sand=1.52/sum of proportion*value of sand proportion= value
in m3
same calculation for all ingradient.

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