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What are the mandatory flexfiels used in FA?

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What are the mandatory flexfiels used in FA?..

Answer / swathi

The Mandatory Flexfields used in FA are

1. Location Flexfield
2. Category Flexfield
3. Asset Key Flexfield

Though Asset Key flexfield is not mandatory

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What are the mandatory flexfiels used in FA?..

Answer / ravindra reddy

there are 3 types of mandatory flexfileds in FA

1. Locations Flexfield
2.Category Flexfied
3.Asset key flexfield.

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What are the mandatory flexfiels used in FA?..

Answer / mallikahrjuna reddy nossam

In FA there are 3 key flex fields is there such as

1.category flex field (Mandatory)
2.location flex field (Mandatory_
3.asset key flex field (optional_

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