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how can we calculate boiler capacity?

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how can we calculate boiler capacity?..

Answer / magesh

Boilers are usually calculated by the amount of steam we need.
Their capacity are usually mentioned by tph(tonnes per
hour). To produce electricity of 1 MW, around 4.2 tonnes per
hour steam should be produced.

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how can we calculate boiler capacity?..

Answer / manoj kumar

It is common to express the output of steam boilers in Boiler Horsepower, MBTU or in Pounds of Steam delivered per hour.

W = (hg - hf) m


W = boiler capacity (Btu/h)

hg = enthalpy steam (Btu/lb)

hf = enthalpy condensate (Btu/lb)

m = steam evaporated (lb/h)

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how can we calculate boiler capacity?..

Answer / a kathirvel


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how can we calculate boiler capacity?..

Answer / d.d.zala

Calculate the boiler capacity.

Boiler capacity = Burner capacity * efficiency

Example: efficiency = 90% & Burner capacity =11,110 kW.

→ boiler capacity =11,110 kW * 0.9
~=10,000 kW

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