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what is mean by debenture ?

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what is mean by debenture ?..

Answer / lakshmi prasanna

It is a long term security issued by a company to its
shareholders. This debentures percentage ratio is Stable.on
that basis of the percentage without assuming company's
profit or loss company pays that much percent of the amount
to their shareholders.

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what is mean by debenture ?..

Answer / sumitra.raghavan

debenture is issued by companies for borrowing
fund...debentures are usually source are long term
fund...comapny is required to pay interest at a fixed rate

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what is mean by debenture ?..

Answer / anushkha

Debenture is simply an acknowledgement of debt.

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what is mean by debenture ?..

Answer / sharmila

its a long term security issued by a company to its
shareholers.that is a profit gained by a company is
distributed to the shareholders.

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