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why Test plan is needed??

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why Test plan is needed??..

Answer / archana

Test plan is basic docuement which has got all the requrie
information about testing process; i.e. time, risk, scope,
objective, resourses, features to be tested etc.
To start testing and to end it in time with sucess Test
plan is very important.

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why Test plan is needed??..

Answer / shuba

Test plan is a document that describes the objectives,
scope, approach, and focus of a software testing effort.
The process of preparing a test plan is a useful way to
think through the efforts needed to validate the
acceptability of a software product. It identifies test
items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks and who
will do each task (roles and responsibilities) and any
risks and its solutions. The completed document will help
people outside the test group understand the 'why'
and 'how' of product validation.

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why Test plan is needed??..

Answer / amit verma

Test Plan is the document based on this Testers Start their

Test Plan includes scope,objective of the Testing,What type
of the Testing Type we have to perform on the Project,Time
Constraint.And what are entry/Exit criteria of the Testing
cycle,what are the deliverables,how many rounds of the
testing we have to do and so on.

Amit Verma

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why Test plan is needed??..

Answer / bavana

testing is needed for checking errors. before giving module
to customer we have to check it. we have to plan the test.

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why Test plan is needed??..

Answer / nd

A Test Plan is to cover Scope ,what Approch needed to
No of resoureses require for that
How will be they activity in the project or module.


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