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Based on how do we classify the bug as
Major ,critical ,minor ,low ,medium ,high Severity and
priority with examples ?plzzzzzzzzzz...

Based on how do we classify the bug as Major ,critical ,minor ,low ,medium ,high Severity and p..

Answer / rohinibudda

low level bug is also called as cosmetic bug. i.e if there
is change in the spelling or colour mistake then we call it
as low level bug. it will be having low seviority(s1). and
priority is p5(i.e before delivery we can fix the error)

Medium level bug : if there is any mismatch with the
expected and actual values then we call it as medium level
bug, here the seviority is s2. and priority is p4(i.e with
in a week)

High level bug: It is an unexpected error or output, and the
seviority is s3. and priority is p3(i.e with in 2-3 days)

very High or Major level bug: any fatal error or the module
crashes while running the application we call it as high
level bug. Seviority is s4 and priority is p3(i.e with in a day)

Urgent or Critical bug: application crash, seviority is s5
and priority is p1(i.e it has to be fixed with in 2 to 3 hours )

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