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is gorilla testing & monkey testing is same r not?

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is gorilla testing & monkey testing is same r not?..

Answer / chennareddy

both r not same

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is gorilla testing & monkey testing is same r not?..

Answer / zeno marin

It appears that Gorrila Testing means "Heavily tesing a
certain feature/section of an application" (I didn't make
this up and neither do I find that it makes sense, but
that's it...).

Monkey-testing means someone not familiar to the SUT to
simply click around and see what happens, much like a monkey
in a pilot seat.

Ad-Hoc Testing and Monkey tesing are bouh unplanned ways of
testing and are described the official glossary used by
ISTQB, but Gorilla tesing is NOT.

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is gorilla testing & monkey testing is same r not?..

Answer / ashish singh

Gorilla testing and monkey testing are different in gorilla testing we are unable to reproduce defect as it is not having test case
whereas in monkey testing we gather information frm our best known source and then prepare test case hence able to reproduce bug
Only this is basic difference b/w them
if anybdy wants more answers to their questions ask me on

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is gorilla testing & monkey testing is same r not?..

Answer / sj1234

Gorilla Testing
Although the concept of random testing might conjure up
images of a late-night debugging session where you do a
passable imitation of an angry gorilla by haphazardly
pressing as many keys as possible on your keyboard in order
to upset your program, there are better ways of doing it.

Monkey testing:-
Dosen't have any fixed methology of testing. Just be a
randy user of the system. Just try any random
combination.Disctructive testing

They are the same

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is gorilla testing & monkey testing is same r not?..

Answer / sara.rk

Both are Same

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