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what is defferance between tubular & automotive plate

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COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS - EXAMPLE 17.3 : (a) The byte is the basic building block of computer data used in chemical engineering process simulation where 16 bits make a word, 4 bits make a nibble, 32 bits make a quad word and 8 bits make a byte. Then how many nibbles are there in a megabytes? (b) In computer data items, let : 1 bit - counts from 0 to 1, 8 bits - counts from 0 to 255, 16 bits - counts from 0 to A. What is the value of A? (c) In a binary system of 4 bits, if 1100 = 12, 1101 = 13, 1110 = 14, 1111 = 15, B = 16, then guess the value of B. (d) By using any form of tools, find the exact value of 2 power 64 or 2^64.

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What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks?

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when selecting psv(pressure safety valve),what are all things we have to keep it in mind?

4 Answers   Qasco,

i badly need a chemical process details for making a project...plz help me out......i m a btech final yr chemical engg student in a govt univ,and we have to make a detailed project on any chemical process with contents like...intro,kinetics , material balance,thermodynamics,process layout,process design,physical conditions,plant location,cost estimation etc.............if any one could help me i will never forget hi thankless work and always try to help u in whatever u ask.............

1 Answers   HPCL,

What is difference between a Flue Gas Analyzer and Exhaust Gas Analyzer ?

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Water flows through a pipe with circular cross sectional area at the rate of V / t = 80 L / s where V is the volume and t is time. Let Av = 80 L / s where A is cross sectional area and v is velocity of fluid. For point 1, the radius of the pipe is 16 cm. For point 2, the radius of the pipe is 8 cm. Find (a) the velocity at point 1; (b) the velocity at point 2; (c) the pressure at point 2 by using Bernoulli’s equation where P Rgy 0.5 RV = constant. P is the pressure, R = density of fluid, V = square of fluid’s velocity, g = gravitational constant of 9.81 N / kg and y = 2 m = difference of height at 2 points. The pressure of point 1 is 180 kPa.

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What is the maximum recommended velocity for steam in a plant pipe network?

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Do you have any idea on recombinant protein expression?

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.7 : An engineering investor purchases a $1000 bond that matures in 25 years. The coupon rate is 8 %. The purchase price is at 95 or 95 % of the par bond value. (a) What is the purchase price of the bond? (b) How much discount is enjoyed by the investor on average each year? (c) Find the income generated from coupon rate each year. (d) Find the overall interet rate or Yield to Maturity (YTM) by using the formula : YTM = [ Answer in (c) + Answer in (b) ] x 200 / [ par bond value + Answer in (a) ].

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For a centrifugal pump if the pump is running and we close the discharge valve what is the effect

11 Answers   Asian Paints, NFTDC, Reliance,

what is the difference between absorber and scrubbers

4 Answers   Parco,

which is the major cement producing state in western India ?

2 Answers   BNPM,

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