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What is the difference between the Bo 3.0 and 3.1?

What is the difference between the Bo 3.0 and 3.1?..

Answer / aanonymous

I got the below answer from the document.It may helpful for

BusinessObjects Universe Designer XI 3.1 is the next
release of XI 3.0 and contains new enhancements.

• Usability enhancements
• Market compliance enhancements
• Translation Manager enhancements

Usability enhancements

Usability has been improved for Web Intelligence and Web
Intelligence Rich Client. The list of enhancements follows:

• @prompt function enhancement
• @variable function enhancement
• Tables with input columns
• Begin_SQL parameter
• Translation Manager enhancements

@prompt function enhancement

The Universe Designer @prompt function can now be used with
pairs of input values such as: '4':' France ', ‘2’:’US’.
You can type a LOV as a list of pairs of input values and
for the default values for the @Prompt function.

@variable function enhancement

The Universe Designer @variable function now supports the
universe ID as an input variable ('UNVID').

Tables with input columns

Designer can now insert Data Federator generated tables
that contain input columns into the universe. The Web
Intelligence or Query as a Web Service user will be
required to choose values or enter values in order for the
input columns to be calculated.

The data for the input columns can be the following:
• Values hard-coded when you create the universe
• Values provided by the end user (after a prompt), or
selected from a list
• Values provided via a join with another table

Begin_SQL parameter

SQL statements can be prefixed with the Begin_SQL
parameter. The new SQL parameter Begin_SQL can be
configured to insert SQL orders that will be executed
before BusinessObjects-generated SQL statements.

This ensures that the orders are executed before all
generated SQL statements. This function works with any
database that supports passing parameters before the SELECT

The following are some examples of use:
• Teradata: monitor and manage DB usage based on query
origin details provided within the executed SQL
• Oracle: turn on read only transaction
• Netezza: trigger optimization options

Translation Manager

In BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1, the Translation
Manager user interface is simplified to make it more
intuitive to use while maintaining all the functionality.
User interface enhancements include:

• The three most-used views open automatically to simplify
the window. Other views can be opened when needed.
• Information in the Document Properties view is integrated
in the Language Management view to reduce the number of
views needed.
• The Language Management view is reorganized to make
language selection faster.
• The percentage of translated content is displayed for
each language in the Language Management view.
• The Filter view is reorganized to simplify filtering on
• The Text Editor view is initialized with the source and
previously translated text.
• Untranslated text in the Translation Editor view displays
in blue rather than red. Original content is now displayed
in the original content column.
• The Format Editor is completely re-designed to make it
easy to select default formats, and create a customized
format by using pre-defined formats.
• The wizards for importing and exporting XLIFF files are
• The menus and toolbar are clearer and simpler.

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