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what is non performing asset(NPA)

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what is non performing asset(NPA)..

Answer / sharayu gangurde

A loan or lease that is not meeting its stated principal
and interest payments. Banks usually classify as
nonperforming assets any commercial loans which are more
than 90 days overdue and any consumer loans which are more
than 180 days overdue. More generally, an asset which is
not producing income.

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what is non performing asset(NPA)..

Answer / guest

which assets are not participated directly and indirectly
in producing of the goods and services they are called npa.

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what is non performing asset(NPA)..

Answer / divya suri

NPA is a loan or an advance where interest and/or
installment of principal remain overdue for a period of 90
days,inrespect of term loan,the account remains out of
order in respect of an overdraft/cash-credit.

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what is non performing asset(NPA)..

Answer / sumitra.raghavan

non performing assets are prevelent in case of banks.....

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what is non performing asset(NPA)..

Answer / mohan

Any Advance can not generate income/interest called as NPA
as per Narasimhan committee report under Banking sector.
Besides it effects badly the Balance sheet of the Organization.

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what is non performing asset(NPA)..

Answer / chandraswamy

non performing asset is the asset which adds no value to
your asset group debts

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