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How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer?

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How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer?..

Answer / mahesh sali

zsc = ( kv )2 / (mva)sc

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How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer?..

Answer / r a m e s h

Generally the transformer has two connection factor
one is HV patten another is LV patten
The main link is to distribute flux from source to load factor

But when winding insulation is damaged the volt drop on full
load due to the winding resistance and leakage
the impedance is denoted by Z%
Z% = Impedance Voltage/Rated Voltage x 100

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How to calculate the Short Circuit Impedance in Transformer?..

Answer / shariff

Zsc= MVA/Isc2.

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