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what is procedure of hot gas path inspection in ge 9 fa gas
turbine ?

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what is procedure of hot gas path inspection in ge 9 fa gas turbine ?..

Answer / rahim khan

It's long detailed procedure ranging from 20 50 pages.
Can't be described here. If we summarize in core key dots,
HGPI is:
Dismantling of components like fuel gas or oil piping and
nozzles assemblies,Combustion chambers, liners, flow
sleeves, transition piece assemblies, turbine casings, air
compressor discharge casings, barrel, diaphragm assemblies,
interstage nozzles between turbine bucket wheels, exhaust
casing etc etc.
Then, carrying out detailed inspection of the dismantled
components by dye penetration test, MPT, radiographic
inspection, if required, for cracks detection. material
loss inspection, visual damages, erosion, corrosion etc
deformation and several other issues.
Repairing or replacing the damage components.
Re-assembly of all hot gas path components after cleaning.
Measurements are recorded during each disassembly and
assembly step and recorded on manufacturer bland formats
for future record.

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what is procedure of hot gas path inspection in ge 9 fa gas turbine ?..

Answer / deiveegan.s

1)convert to fluid inspection
2)pipe flow to gas
3)conduction to metal increase or decrease
4)steam thourgh to water& air,gas

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