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for a 11kv transmission line what capacity of CTs & PTs are

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for a 11kv transmission line what capacity of CTs & PTs are required?..

Answer / khalid k usafzai

for installing cts and pts on 11 kv line first of all the load to be connected is required.then we will proceed.bye

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for a 11kv transmission line what capacity of CTs & PTs are required?..

Answer / srinivasan.s

For 11KV line CT ratio was 1200A-600A-300A/1Amp
PT ratio was 11KV/110V
for 11KV CT's PT's minimum 3cores are available
generally 1'st core for metering
2nd and 3rd cores for protection purpose.

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for a 11kv transmission line what capacity of CTs & PTs are required?..

Answer / shivadathathri

11 KV CTs & PTs , Out door Pedestal mounting versions will do. Current ratio , STC Rating & Insulation level can be determined with connected load. Like breaker / Transformer Etc. Example : Load is 11KV 100KVA transformer is connected . Then use 11KV Cts CTR: 5/5 Amps , Class 0.5 for metering , Class : 5p10 for Protection . OCF - 150XI nominal . Oil cooled CTs for MUSS. If it is mounted inside panel / Control room then Use Resin cast type.  SHIVADATHATHRI- 9632153842.

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for a 11kv transmission line what capacity of CTs & PTs are required?..

Answer / alternate_reality

A 100/5 Amp CTPT can be installed for metering purpose in

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