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what is finance

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what is finance..

Answer / suresh raju

procurement of funds and proper allocation of available
funds in efficient manner to maximize returns
Finance is related with cost, time, money and
risk.It deals with matters related to money and
markets, resousce allocation amd its management are
tha part of this

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what is finance..

Answer / raghu

finance is management of funds from usage and source of fund

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what is finance..

Answer / dashu

finance is nothing but allocation of funds

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what is finance..

Answer / radha

finance means it is a stydy of money

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what is finance..

Answer / prashant rai

Finance is the life blood of an any organisation.

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what is finance..

Answer / praveen kumar kalluri

the study of how money is managed and the actual process of acquiring needed funds.

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what is finance..

Answer / vasavi

To raise money through the issuance and sale of debt and/or
equity is called as finance

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