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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / manju


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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / kaashif

15 watt confrim answer

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / muhammad tauheed baig

the wattage of the zero watt bulb is i5 watt.
this is low wattage so usually called zero watt bulb

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / amit kar.

There is no bulb with zero watt consumption. Even a small
LED indicator consumes power, though it's a fraction of a
watt. The 'zero watt' lamp is, in fact, a 15-watt lamp.
Conventional electro-magnetic energy meters did not record
consumption if the load was very small. The indicator did
not move when the load was only 15 watts when at night
there was no other electrical load except the 'zero watt'

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / g. bhanu chander

Generally which we use for bed light in our homes called as
0-watt bulb but strictly speaking it is a 15-watt bulb.

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / nirmala

15 W

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / subhas reddy

15 watts for sure

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / arun

its 15 w bulb called zero watt becuase it doesnt effect on
electric meter thats why meter didnt show any reading

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / anil kumar pinnamaneni

yes it is 15 watts

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what is the wattage of 'zero watt' bulb?..

Answer / arun kr vidyarthi

Zero watt mins no current no voltage

watt=volt*current,bulb is 15 watts

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