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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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in fmcg sector how to plan secondary sales targets Distributor wise daily, weekly and monthly?

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What is the depth&width of distribution?

Ceasefire Industries, Pepsi, SoftCom,

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what is general marketing


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How to show in front of customer that my product is best then other

Coca Cola,

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How to show in front of customer that my product is best then other

Coca Cola, Pepsi,

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why mainage distributor

Hindustan Unilever Limited,

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which is the best institute for sap in ameerper for sd module

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why do you want to take marketing as your career ?

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how to sell a product ?if interviewer as a customer?


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what is the difference between concept selling and space selling? define please.

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What is the meaning of Merchandising,reach & Coverage in FMCG ?

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how to handle a senior m.r's team by a area sales manager

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can a company deliver stock directly to dealer if company has super stockist in that area


im doing job as a tele marketing(trainee)..our company is SAP business partener..most of companis using tally ERP..or other ERP solutions..i have to talk with director of d company & convience them to purchase SAP business plzz tell me main difference in tally ERP & SAP business one.. plzz help me..



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Have you always met your sales goals?


How do you do marketing analysis for a new and unknown product?


We are looking for a truly inspiring Marketing and PR Executive, someone who can create a culture of open communication, trust and respect. What strategies would you implement to achieve this?


What do you think are your biggest weaknesses and strengths?


Did you ever lie in your marketing career to increase your performance?


Please give a specific example of when you have delivered excellent customer service.


What would you do if a customer refuses to fix a meeting with you?


What is turnover velocity?


What motivates you the most?


What is the aim of a marketing analyst?


What are the number of Shares on NSE and BSE?


What is proactive marketing?


tell me about yourself answer asked for experienced person in sales side?


What is the important thing for a company, Product or Quality? Why?


write the test cases for facility module in business field?