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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what is ambush marketing.

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what is market specification and product specification.

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what are social responsibilities of a company.

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what is market research.

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what is customer service.

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why did you choose marketing for your currier.

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what is your dream job. (when one is specilised in marketing.)

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what is ansoff metrix and GE metrix.

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what are the functions of marketing.

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what is retail.

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what is prising stratigy and what are the different types of pricing.

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what are 4p's of marketing.

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who to increase the sale promotion?

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why u did mba after and why u choose marketing as your specialization

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why u want to enter into banking sector after doing mba in marketing?


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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

Mention any moment in your previous work life where you faced criticism. How did you deal with the situation?


We are looking for a truly inspiring Marketing and PR Executive, someone who can create a culture of open communication, trust and respect. What strategies would you implement to achieve this?


sales & marketing


What is Market Measurement and Forecasting...?


What you least like about being in sales?


Do you think findings of marketing analysis are trustworthy and investments of at least a few crores should be done on the basis of the findings?


market share of vijai electticals


Position Market Analyst (market research, FMCG sector). I must to write math test on English. I need to find example of test. I'm Russian and I need to learn business terminology to understand question


where you want to see yourself after 5 year?


how can i crack the interview with the combination of and PGDM ?...what are the tips i should followed


By using 7p's how can u sell a HLL product?


7. Give me an example of a time when you have tried to accomplish something, and failed


I have taken finance as majors but now i want to apply for sales manager job of an automobile company, i have a passion for automobiles and want to work in this industry. could you please help me what reasons can i give when being asked about the similar question in the interview. I did my summer internship in finance as well.


What is the key role of a new regional manager in a pharmaceuticals company and how he will manage his people effectively?


What do you feel you need to develop in terms of skill & knowledge in order to be ready for that opportunity?