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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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how can u sell our car except your friends &family

BMW, Ford,

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how to prepair yourself to be an innavator of a multinatiomnal company ?


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wow to became a successful man in yoyr life

Insurance, TATA,

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what is Delphi technique?


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why you change your previous company ?


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what is marketing ?

GSK GlaxoSmithKline, Hero Honda, Yes Bank,

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What do u know about cars (that's a automobile industry question)

Ford, Honda, TATA,

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if you have to sale pencil,how will u sale???????

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If landing cost of my product (butter and mayonnaise) is X what will be MRP for the same?

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Why are you looking for change?


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What are the skills necessary for a sales person?


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Tools or process included to interview/select a person as an sales officer for pharama ?

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Who are stake holders?

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what is advertisement

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I have to sell a women cosmetic like face cream.Now problem is that many cosmetics are already in market.So when there are well establish players in market how can sell this product.The cream is very good in quality but the company has not enough money to go for advertisement through media.Now how to sell this beauty cream and make market among establish players.Also tell me one good reason why female will opt for this cream when many well known brands are available?


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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

What are the issues that arise in direct marketing?


What is the one thing which you like the most about a sales job?


What are your long term career goals?


Hi, I am working for an MNC as an marketing and sales specialist.Not very much satified with my work nature and my interest towards SAP I want to do SAP-SD.I am working for almost an year and want to shift towards SAP.Can anyone tell me how good it would be to shift and how are the job opputunities for SAP freshers like me.


What is the product?


How do you manage performance concerns with employees?


Someone wants to send a small quantity, say about 500 Kgs., of green coffee beans from Koraput Orissa to Bangalore for Roasting and Packaging of the same there. There will be a loss in weight of about 20% during the processing the green coffee beans into coffee powder, which will then be fit for human consumption. Now, after processing the green coffee beans at Bangalore, the person wants to sell simultaneously a part of the Roasted Coffee Powder to four persons; one of them is in Chandigarh (a registered Dealer in Punjab) and the other is in Mumbai (possibly he is a an individual and not a registered dealer), third one is a registered dealer in Bangalore and the last one is an individual consumer just like you and me, and is not a registered dealer and stays in Mysore. The person wishes to bring the rest of the packed Roasted Coffee Powder back to Koraput, Odisha. The planter is a registered dealer under VAT in Odisha and has produced (manufactured) the coffee beans in his own gardens, and has applied for a CST Number but is yet to obtain the Number. We want to know: As to whether he can send the coffee beans to Bangalore for roasting without obtaining a CST Number beforehand. Or as to whether it is mandatory for him to get the CST registration first, before sending the Coffee beans to outside the state; As to how the person can generate the Way Bills from here and to send these to the transport carriers, for his sales to Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore. Tell me as to how he can do the necessary paper works and as to how he can pay the tax collected thus, As to how he can bring the rest of the roasted coffee powder back to Koraput that he can sell afterwards in the state and outside; He shall be sending samples of the Roasted coffee to Philippines and elsewhere, from Bangalore itself. May be in a subsequent times he might export, for which he has to send the roasted coffee powder to Mumbai; If the person wants to send the parchment coffee to Kushal Nagar in Karnataka to do the Curing Pre-Roasting) there, as to how he can send the processed coffee to the Roster at Bangalore. During Curing there is a loss of weight of about 20% too. Until the roasting is done, there will be no transfer of ownership, at any point of time, in between.


How u will convince Axis bank or SBI bank customer to take loan from IDBI bank


What is your psychology of selling?


What are the potential shortcomings of marketing analysis? How do you overcome them?


tell me about yourself.


why marketing is process of gardening not hunting?


what is market specification and product specification.


What is the key role of a new regional manager in a pharmaceuticals company and how he will manage his people effectively?


What do you think are your biggest weaknesses and strengths?