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Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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Suppose you have hot fluid and cold water, what fluid you should flow in shell side and tube side in a shell and tube heat exchanger and why

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What is higher heating value and lower heating value? Is it positive or negative?


Which part of oil creates smoke? ( aliphatic, aromatic, paraffin)

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Why catalyst is charging in chemical reaction as high pressurized pellet of tablet?

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What step should be taken in process industries if the process variable is oscillating?



Suppose you have hot oil and cold water, what kind fluid you flow In shell side and tube side and why?

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Which one is process and why?( evaporation, vaporization, reactor, fluid flow)

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Which book I should refer for designing heat exchangers and reactors?

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what is ejector capacity and ejector economy

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What is the difference between multi grade filter and dual media filter?

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Which chemical is used as antiscalent in RO water treatement plant?

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What is the difference between coagulation and flocculation in water treatment plant?

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What are the types of clarifier used in water treatement plant?


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What are the types of membranes used in RO water treatement plant?

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What is minimum flow required of NG having BTU value of 920 btu/scf for flame stability of LBTU gas of BTU value 220 BTU/SCF against the flow 80KPPH.


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What are the customization steps in sap?


How much water is lost through a commercial cooling tower system with a throughput of about 600 gpm?


What is the purpose of capacitor? What does capacitor load means? How does it connect?


Please describe tar, asphalt and bitumine


have any one question paper of institute of plasma research center for aptitute as well as technical?


What are the types of load?


How can I treat a waste stream containing both hexavalent chromium and arsenic?


Why whenever a reciprocating compressor is switched ON or OFF it is put into unloading mode?


what is designing step of heat exchanger


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What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks?


Explain why does catalytic converter used in an automobile?


What does capacitor load means? How does it connect?


Do you have recombinant protein expression experience? Explain?


How can wet carbon dioxide be responsible for a corrosion problem in iron-containing metals?