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Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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did sulphur been a byproduct after the combustion of LPG and Natural Gas

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describe why you are interested in a career in the oil industry?

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sir i am senthil B.Tech Chemical Engineer which book is refer for objective type questions?


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How to calculate 40% of level in cylindrical vessel?

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I want to know that what type of questions may be come for fertilizer company for written exam?


What is a Spool in terms of piping Industry?

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For cement company what type of questions come in written exam?

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Given, T1=600C, constant temperature of wall 800 , length of wit exchanger L=3m, dia=25 mm, Cp=14.91 KJ/kg.K, density ρ=914 kg/m3,mean velocity vm= 2 m/s, film heat transfer coefficient hf=72 Kcal/h.m2.K, what is the outlet temperature?


what is mean by reflux ratio?

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For amonia manufacturing process if pressure, temperature would be increase over optimum level what would be happen?And what steps should be taken?


What's the difference between superphosphate and triple super phosphate fertilizer?

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If I do M tech in chemical engineering from iit kgp,iit delhi or iit kanpur...what are the job opportunities,and what salary they offered.plz tell me...i had 156 all india rank..i did not take admission ..but this year i m thinking to take admission...

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who is the first atomic scientist in india?


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What is difference between Piping Standard & Piping Specification ?


what is difference between precipitation and crystalisation

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What do you understand by wet bulb globe temperature?


What is the practical particle size limit for pneumatic conveying?


After conducting an internet search for ways to reduce energy costs, I found a recipe for whitewashing that is said to reflect sunlight. The recipe calls for 20 pounds hydrated lime to 5 gallons water to 1-quart polyvinyl acetate. What is a good source of polyvinyl acetate that I can buy at a local store?


What are some factors to consider when trying choosing between a dry screw compressor and an oil-flooded screw compressor?


Explain what are some good uses of low-grade steam at 12 atm and 1920c?


What could be a possible cause for sudden foaming in a cooling tower?


What is a good approximation for the heat transfer coefficient of hydrocarbons inside 3/4" tubes?


What is a good source of information for the design of pressure vessels?


What are the effects of oils on the properties of Polyolefins?


Define "good" cooling tower water?


Dear guys we adding hypo at climax plant and that water is inlet to DM plant so with hypo water that can affect my resins of cation and anion. if it is affect life of my anion and cation so what kind of steps should be take.


Do you have any idea on recombinant protein expression?


What do we use carburizing/nitriding chemicals for?


Are there flow velocity restrictions to avoid static charge build up in pipelines?


What are some good estimates for heat transfer coefficients for coils in tanks?