Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why an electromagnetic flow meter cannot be used for gases, steam and oil flow measurements?

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Why an electromagnetic flow meter cannot be used for gases, steam and oil flow measurements?

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when liquid stored in spherical vessel,equilibrium shift towards liquid.what is the benefit of it?

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hi.i m student of chemical engg. and studying in 5 th can i improve my technical knowledge..can u sugest me a link like book or any website..?

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why should we have to maintain excess air in furnaces and boilers while burning any fuel?


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what is mass flow rate of steam of 7 kg/cm2 pressure in 1 inch id. pipe.



why u opted for chemical engg?

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Why is the freezer placed at the top in a refrigerator, why not at the bottom ?

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Why LMTD is calculated in Heat -Exchanger problems..Why dont we take average temperature??

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How to size the cooling tower sump / basin for any given circulation rate? What is the guideline?


Why Packed Bed is not preffered in seperation process while Tray column is used in Industries predominatly??

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What does extreme points in VLE curve represents??

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how to calculate overall heat transfer coefficient in insulated pipeline? Please give a answer with formula


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What happens when fuel is burned , what are compounds released??

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What is formula for petrol?

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what is load and what are the types of load?


In Pressure Sfety Valve(PSV) 2" by pass line why given for process units.


whats the allowed tolerance of pipe to pipe butt joint mismatching


which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why?


what is first order of reaction?


i am a prefinal year student of polymer engineering .could you please send the latest question papers regarding entrace exam.


solution =2oolitre ,solute =Polyelectrolyte,Solution=water ,we have to prepare 1% much solute And Solvent?


What step should be taken in process industries if the process variable is oscillating?


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Hi, Please give me chemical engineering paper for IOCL exam for entire written exam, GD and personel interview model questions to my email id. ( Rgds, Ragu


what is AZ431 & how to check it by using multimeter?


what r the question asked in interview of gate,is it related to course?


What is the maximum permissible Earth to Neutral voltage in an electrical system.