Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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I am completed DEEE in tamilnadu, now i am working in andhrapradesh with 2.5 year experience in relavent field. capacity of the tranformer is 11KV, 1MVA Transformer, i am eligible for getting c licence in andhrapradesh pl help me.


do any one help me to get "C" license,, i have doubts ,,, if mediators ter pls call me,, my no is 8056640042


I have finish diploma electronics and five years experience in electrical field in ht service how can i get c licensce or other electrical certificate


How can get C license i am complete I.T.I electrician trade and 10 years experiance this field and i complete the dee from ksou by distance mode of this year.ksou means karnataka south open university but i want Tnelb license

C License,

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Which circuit breaker arc quenching time is low AC or DC breaker?


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If ac voltage applied to the field of dc generrator the output of dc generator ?


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What is the difference between type1 and type2 relay protection co-ordination for motor feeders



How to set the relay,,??

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Can be ammeter and voltmeter used without CT? if not, what is the reason for that?

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For 280kw power. Which cable I can usr

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What is difference between unity power factor wattmeter and upper power factor wattmeter? In short circuit test of transformer the wattmeter used is unity power factor type or upper power factor type wattmeter?

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Whats the purpose of neutral earthing?

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how to find the Motor,s insulation Power?

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Why we check only first column of root locus..?


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1000kva = how much kvar

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The gauge indicates the number of amps, but what about voltage? How voltage rating (for wire or fuse) determined?


What is fault clearing time for Current Limiting Moulded Case Circuit Breaker?.


what is POTT and PUTT explain?


please send me last 5 year interview questions


what is feed back and what are feed back amplifiers?


how to calculate cable size in diffrent loads?


explain which quantities change in the starting and the and the running condition in induction motor


is it possible to say motor horsepower number without seeing name plate(when name plate damaged)


i have install 750 kva distribution transformer at my site and want to do neutral earthing. what calculations should i follow to determine earthing conductor material and size?


How to select circuit breakers rating eg. if i select a circuit breakers of capacity 40 amps DC with operating voltage 28 volts and if i what to use same circuit breakers for 300 Volts DC application what is the current rating of this circuit breakers.


what is the main function of capacitors in mccs.


How should i design a 1ph & 3 ph transformer. Kindly let meknow all steps and formulaes related to design from scratch.


Explain the different methods used in the choice of rotor slots for reduction of harmonic torques in an induction motor.


Please brief me about number of pole in alternator.In single phase alternator coils are connected in star or series. How to calculate frequency for the same.


In Designing the rating & accessories of a MCCB how to choose the type of releases..means what is the basis for selecting, thermal magnetic, electromagnetic & microprocessr based releases