Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why neutral cable carry current.

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please let me know , we have installed two separate motor for fire fighting system 1) 60 hp and 2) 15 hp the load is 74 AMPS and 20 AMPS then tell me the main power cable in Aluminum will be what thickness , the length is 225 mt from the main utility to fire pump house

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area control error


why reactor is connected before capacitor in APFC panel

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How power is transferred from one winding to another in an auto-transformer? A) electrically B) magnetically C( both a & b D) neither of above


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why is the size of earth conductor is half of phase conductor.

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At what speed 1 HP motor can run an electric car of weighing 400 kg?


At what speed an electric car can run with 2 HP motor of weighing 400 kg?


I am doing apprenticeship training at HT switch yard in NLC. How can i get electrical c license. ??? What r the rules for getting it as an apprentice? ??


Difference between RCCB, RCBO and ELMCB.

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we have 2.2kw,Y,3000rpm motor but 6leads found in TB what happen if we connect in delta?


What the reson for frequant instantaneous ground over current fault in our sync. Generator... 15 triping in 24 hr...

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Leading power factor means what? what is the power factor value while in power factor is leading? is power factor greater than one? In some cases i heard pf 0.8 leading then what about 0.8 lagging?

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Can anyone explain, How will get positive to ground and negative to ground reference voltage in dc system


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What is the minimum distance between MV busbare (P to P & P to E) as per some standards

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how can i improve the power factor in domestic (230v)


how a.c. genarator control power factor when its conected to grid supply by incrising or decresing excitation voltage.


Brief me about maintenance planning & sheduling of machine tool.


Can anybody please refer the best and simple book for about Protection relays and in detail of all its protection ?


explain single phase series motor


what are the values of VRY,VYB,VBR,Vry,Vyb,Vbr,Vrn,Vyn,Vbn for Magenetic balance test of 100 KVA and 63 KVA Distribution transformer


If a high resistance fault occurs,then what are the changes will happen in the system?


1.What is the range of stator resistance of 3-phase induction motor? 2.Two electrically operated vibro motors are foxed in parallel direction in vibrating feeders. what is the direction of both vibro motors?


How to resolve if Diesel generator stop while running ?


Whether should be the oil level in OCTC transfomer? It should be upto winding immersed completely or should be upto tap changer s/w? How it will affect the performance of the transformer. Rating may be 33KVA


Show the schematic arrangement of diesel power station layout and give its principle of operation.


what is the difference betweem star connected motor & delta connected motor?


What the difference between ac and dc inductor an capacitor


What is the settings of distance protection relay in 400 kv line


How can we increase fuel-power ratio of any DG set?