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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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I need to calculate the Battery bank back up for below configuration:- UPS - 120 KVA Battery Bank - 200Ah Volt of each cell - 12 V Total No of cell - 34 No's Can you please help me to get the battery back up time for above configuration...? along with formula


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how can i design a APFCR panel? please explain with example..

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why don't we use the generator as a motor? and what will happen?


Load 380kva eb 415v,load amps 350.Same load dg 415v,load amps 420 what reason ?

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Dg pf .71 i am improve pf 0.80 what capacitor connected in dg how?

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1.Can we use 6.6/11KV 300sq mm xlpe 3core cable for LT use (415 Volt). 2. If we use it for LT then what is the current rating


How to calculate wire length,size & current? ( related to control panel)

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what is the function of a circuit breaker ?how does the circuit breaker function during normal operation of an electrical system

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Difference of induction motor & servo motor ??

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What is the minimum permissive IR value for LT & HT motor for safe starting?


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what is the CT & PT. where is it uses.what is the using that plese kindly answer me...?

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What is the function of isolater

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How convergengr of nr method is not dependent on selection of slack bus and how gauss siedel method depends?


why the field winding in dc motor is not short circuited eventhough dc supply is applied across the winding

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How the annunciator works ? How to do its wiring

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how to test and calculat the head and discharge in borewell compressor


Define reserve-generating capacity?


What is meaning of out of phase (making & breaking) capacity And how to calculate


How capacitor improves pf


how can we make cable shedule for controll wiring ? which details must be required for it.?


How can we increase fuel-power ratio of any DG set?


is all the servo motors having brake?please specify which servo motors having brake for stop on position and which are not.


how to calculate differential current when we testing differential relay..suppose we have 1000kw generator,630amp VCB,what value we should put /inject so that relay trip the VCB? PLLZ justify ur comment


which VFD is better ( LT or HT)


I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason?


Which motor connection is preferable star-delta or delta-star?


Define characteristics impedance?


how can check the resistance of battery contact?


what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer.


how external lighting design? please give examples?