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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the effect on 3phase induction motor if current setting knob of DOL kept at minimum current?


Why the high starting current does not harm the low capacity induction motor?

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Transformer how to maintaince a check b check c check d check

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Igfet is a


How Self works in DG set


how is control wiring coding is done in a CRP panel ?

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What is ideal IR values for ground and neutral.

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Hi, My question is our total motor load is 55 what cable size required for main supply. Please reply

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i have ht transformer of 142 kva with air cooled facility,having secondary voltage 7850volt, and secondary connected full way bridge rectifier .i faced the problem repeatedly that transformer one coil and rectifier diode of two phase was burnt two times. i checked all the secondary ckt. no any short ckt found,then what will be the cause side

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What type of changeover switch needed to run a load of five 1.5 tonn ACs.

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wish of these transformer uses oil?

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how to check the continuity of a cable with a megger


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My meter ratio is -/5 and ct ratio is 100/5 now what will be the multiplying factor and how ?

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what is surge impedance loading?

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in HT service 3ph 4 wire service Y-phase voltage shows zero . whether it is meter fault? or what be the reason ? if y-ph voltage zero ,can current is recorded? reasons for failure?



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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

what is the benefit of floating our DC source? if i have two floating DC source of which 1 has a ref voltage of -21VDC and the other of -18VDC. can it be connected in parallel to share a common ref voltage? if not, how do i make both sources to be of common ref voltage? tks


what is plunger and what's the use of it in motor alignment?


How to protect sensitive loads such as Dosing pumps inside a factory from voltage surge/voltage fluctuation.


what is physical distance of isolator to VCB in 33/11kv sub stations


How to calculate the phase to phase clearness of HT /// LT bus bar?????


What are the transformer losses?


To make a basic instrumentation amplifier, it takes A One op-amp with a certain feedback arrangement B Two op-amp and seven resistors C Three op-amps and seven capacitors D Three op-amps and seven resistors


Percentage losses in power generation?


What will happened if the neutral of secondary of Xformer ( Star point) Note it's above KVA rated Xformer


Atwhat condition reverse power relay will act?


What are root loci?


working principle a.v.r. ?


what will happen when the dc supply is given to the capacitor?


i want bhel placement paper for electrical if anybody having pl send to my id immediately


how to put cable sizing and cable glands size for respective cable & Cable Lug size in a DB sectors???