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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the vvvf in the dumbwaiter?? or lift. what is the actual process?/


what is motor?


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what happens if you swap F1 and F2 connection in the exiter of the generator?

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TNC switch is also available in 1NO+1NC. What does it mean ?

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What is a variable speed motor?

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what happens if we give 1-ph supply for 3-ph Bridge rectifier...??


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Please mention any books for electrical design load calculation for industrial,commercial(to select cable,breaker,bus bar,stator,)


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Transformer calculation

Aramco, LMW Lakshmi Machine Works Limited,

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why the voltage and current in a long transmission line are called travelling wave?



for 4 MVA , 33K.V/6.6K.V transformer. secondary side the connected load is 3000H.P. What is the rating of capacitor bank to be insttaled.



which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel



What is voltageĀ 

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what is protections used for 6.6kv ht motor


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how to select electrical equipment such as fuse,dg,transformer,motor,msb,wire,cable as per the connecting load..please mention any books to design,take licence

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In TNC switch, is there any 1NO+1NC block ? and if we move over closing position, is ther any affect on trip position or vice versa?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Why electrical power generation and transmission done in 3 phase system not more than 3 phase ?


what is the use of static frequency converter and static excitation equipment? and where it is employed? for what?


what is meant by surge? what we called for high currents?


ANY ONE TELL ME ABOUT generator synchronization panel panel to synchronise 3 gen of 250kva both automatic and manual. 2 gen output vol 415 3ph, 1 gen output vol 400 3ph SEND THE DETAILS DIAGRAM ON THIS EMAIL ADDRESS as soon as possilble best ragrds electrical engineer ayaz mahmood SAUDI TECH


A 400KVA transformer has 400 Hz frequency. If the frequency is changed to 50 Hz, then what will be the new KVA rating?


what is different between phase and netural


What is the rating of circuit breaker needed for 300 KVA load in 33 KV supply line in a transformer of 33 KV / 415 Volt ?


how we can calculate the efficiency of a diesel generator ?


How is the connection of the tap changer on the HV side been made?


What is meant by reverse polarity and how it can be fixed?


what is the difference between Central Battery System and UPS in applications and uses? and why UPS suitable for Computers and central battery for emergency lighting?


What is main cause of cable's terminal point burned in Lug on high temperature although lug and cable selection is ok as per stantard and also tightness is ok as per situation. so please take in deep and tell correct answer thanku.


In our factory so many iron pillors are exists for supporting the shed/Hangar. If do more no of earthings at one piller instead of doing more earth pits in many locations and running earth strip around the hanger, I can save the money. Please suggest this method is acceptable as per Is specifications though the Earth resitance of the farthest piller is with in the limits as per IS specifications.


Star Delta Diagram with full description


What is tranformer differtial?