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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How Diesel Generator start ?

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How to resolve if Diesel generator stop while running ?



what is recommended breakdown voltage of transformer oil?

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Why is it not possible to operate a star-delta transformer in parallel with delta-delta transformer?

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what is mean by VCB colour code..???


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PID controller details

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why commutator are not used in rectification purpose in power electronics?

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what is the mean of short circuuit current ( for ex. 50KA)?

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i have done diploma and btech in EE and live in Chandigarh so kindly help me how can i make my competency certificate in my area.

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10 Mtr Hight of Lighting Arrestar how much area coverd??



how we are desining 63.5 ohm resistor for NGR of alternator?

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what voltage generated earth tester meter when we testing the Earth point ?

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how to calculate unit consumption on 3phase 380-415 v0lt kilowatt motor eg ( 55kw,380v,3phase 50-60hz)

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How may I enrol or get admission to your program?


why secondary of transformer always grouded?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

why are installed water leakage detection system data centers & server rooms


In our plant we have installed new MCC with ELR and CBCT which is detecting some leakage current in the system but it leading to some confusion when to check that in which feeder which is drawing current we put off the whole panel itself but still CBCT detecting some leakage current so can anybody ans me , where i am going wrong or how to detect whether its actual leakage or CBCT malfunctioning.


What is the polarization index value ? (Pi value)and simple definition of polarization index ?


Please tell me the earthing procedures adopted for the STAR-STAR 3 Phase transformer in india and give a better sugession for earthing


To prove the capacity of a 10MVA transforemr with 6.5% impedance by a short circuit test how much power is needed to inject an impedance voltage if we have to arrive for its rated current?


define the active power?


What range of speed can you get with the field control method of speed control of d.c. Shunt motor?


condition Autotrip facia come on control panel of electrical transmission line?


what are the specifications we must look at to select a relay for any capacity motor?


What is the rating of a circuit breaker needed for 300 kv load in 33KV supply line of 33/415 transformer ? Whether 800/1200 amp vaccum circuit breaker can perform for a 33 KV line in input in 415 volt in output of the transformer ?


Sir,In our company there are 3 caterpillar make(capacity:(1) 3.3KV,2.5MW(2)3.3KV,2.5MW & (3)3.3KV,1.9MW) & 1 deutz make (capacity:11KV,3.8MW)gas engines utilised,all are running in paralell. There are three transformer utilised,(1) 6.25MVA,3.3KV/22KV,Impedence voltage:6.7% used for two generator,both are 2.5MW(2)5.5MVA,3.3KV/22KV,Impedence voltage:7.2% used for one generator of 2.5MW & (3) 5.5MVA,11KV/22KV,Impedence voltage:7.8% used for one generator of 2.5MW.all generator breakers capacity of 1250Amps. Sir,I want the details of fault level calculation of generator,transformer individually & for whole system. If you require any information from me.feel free for contact me the answer of my question as the earliest as possible.


specific difference of ICT&Auto Transformer


What is the drawback of static coefficients?


what is value of Jin transformer


why 5kW motor becomes unbalance if its relay trip 1st time and its set value is 7.0 A