Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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If the (Motor control center)Panel work on field the relay used in panel in the case this will be damage and no indication provide on panel.fault occur in panel and MCB will not trip. how happen the relay damage in panel and what effect of panel.

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suppose MCC (Motor control center)panel work on field the relay on this damage or not work and earth fault occurs in this and no indication in relay panel given below. than MCB trip or not and what effect the panel how find relay will damage or not work.

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Our Company's Contract Demand is 110 kVA. We use 12 Capacitors each of 12.5 kVAr Capacity to maintain Power Factor of 0.99. So, what steps should we take so that our Contract demand does not exceed 110 kVA?


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Where we use 30mA , 100mA & 300mA RCCB ?


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can we do the star delta connection of capacitor for 3- phase motor starter.


How to check the Bushings of the transformer?


Differnce between earthing and nuetral

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why the transformer has no starter


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what is the differance between HT motors And LT MOTORS.

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what is the speed of current

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There is 15 KVA UPS using for single phase load.And 30 batteries of 12 V, 100 Ah are connected in series. Load is taking 15 A current.What will be the back up power for this UPS on same load?

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What will happen if the field of synchronous generator is removed when it is in operation with no load?


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What is the dc grounding system and what is diff between AC/DC grounding system?


How many speed of dg start motor for engine starting time

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why 15 kw motor winding resistance is low then 5 kw motor winding resistance?


how to find the voltage's of a transmission line plzz help with pictures i am not able to understand


my UPS suddenly goes off and all panel light also blow off.This happens even main electric supply is not interrupted.After some time it automatically starts functioning normally.Batteries are new.


How can we calculate strength of copper hich is supplying electric power to heater and in it hold the heater also and what r all types of forces which is acting on it...


1) What are your personal strength? 2) What are your personal areas of improvement? 3) What are your expectations from from a particular job? 4) what are your carrier objectives?


What is Instantaneous Earth fault relay,how will work


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Igfet is a


Is there any rule to select the voltage of motor based on KW rating? What is the rating above which lt motor becomes the HT motor?.


Define corner frequency?


What happens if the series current double?


hello friends..... any one have papers or any study materials?sail ,hpcl...?


why HT armoured cable does not glanding


Why does the radius of armature is less than the radius of pole shoe?