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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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we have one oven for 12 zone we are installed ir lamp in oven we control load from thyrister and 0 to 5vdc so our zone no 8 getting bright in fraction of second so what we do.. Please answer


if There is Short circuit in Power Transformer, what will happened to Buchholz Relay.?? How Buchholz Relay will respond.??

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how to find total current when kva is 30.4 given ? should we use root 3 (1.732) in the formula?

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why we use 11 kv 22 kv and so on ?

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what do you mean by partial discharge in cable

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how much current capacity of 300 sq. mm cable (4 core aluminium) and 150 sq. mm cable ( 4 core aluminium)

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how much current capacity 250 amp. mccb please tell me about whats are the reasons to trip 2 or 3 times in a night. and what are the steps to short out this problem


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What is the difference between power,voltage,current? and with example

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How to calculate the copper in HT motors if KW, RPM & Voltage is given

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Can you any explain about active,reactive and apparent power in power system with example.

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In UPS, battery connections if parallel connection given, what will happen?

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Why earthing done?


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What is a fuse? How does it work? What are materials used?


3) How earthing is done? How it measured? Write the method for earthing? How the earth resistance is kept low?

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Define bibo stability.


when measure the core loss of three phase distribution transformer or three phase reactor loss, one phase shown negative watt loss. why??


What are the types of power in electrical power?


How will A Medium voltage circuit breaker(11 kV voltage level) operate under short circuit fault condition whether It is having short circuit release like Low voltage circuit breaker or relay should be given?


my question is how to answer the question "you are from eee background and why do you want to go for banking


Which type of questions well asked. ?


What is the function of the generator exciter?


What is dynamo?How it works and what is the function of dynamo in a DG.


I am designing new project sub station with 220 kV / 11 kV, 40 MVA capacity. This project have many recifier sets, which can generate 3rd harmonics. Now I have to select vector group of This transformer. To minimise 3rd harmonics, what care should I take in selection of Transformer Vecrtor group? If it is Y-Y with open Delta tertiary then what should be the rating & voltage of Tertiary Winding?


Why can't we parallel Voltage transformer secondary circuits?


the grid connection required for a 50 MegaWatt fotovoltaic powerplant is higher or lower than 35kv (high or medium tension)?


can anyone tell me can the electromagnetic waves can be reflected back?if so how &by which material it can be reflected back?please tell me so that it can help to my wireless power trasnmission device.


What is the purpose of stablization resistor in high impedance bus bar protection


what are the difference between PLC and embedded


how can we calculate the ampacity of the electrical wire/cable. and what are the factors must be considered. pls. elaborate.