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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is different between Difnit time and instatous over current relay



an amazing situation was faced when an alive distribution panel with 415 volts and carrying almost 200Amps has become short and this metal cubical showing 220 volts against neutral and earth. to redress any confusion i checked the panel with help of single 200watts test lamp which also glowing with max.intensity b/w neutral & metal body of DB. amazing situation is that i hold the DB firmly more than once with necked foot means without insulated shoes but not received any electrical shock. whereas our all running gen sets neutral points also proper grounded and this short DB was completely earthed , this is beyond my understanding . any body explain how is it possible . our running gen set neutral also grounded firmly

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is synchrnous pannel is need for two eqal rating transformers to run in parallel

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How to calculat the ratio of HT\LT in energy meter


What is difference between SMC supportg and Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Support.


what is the highest voltage for transmitting electrical power in india

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how rectifier transformer work in electroststic precipetatore(esp?


how to calculate current carrying capacity in power cable?

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checking procedure of capacitor based motors.used in fans etc?



draw tube light circuit

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I have a 5KVA UPS. Total load to be connected almost 3KW. Ordering a battery pack with capacity of 1920VAh. How long will the backup time be?

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why in a transformer frequency remains constant? if frequency is changing what will happen?

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SUTIABLE FOR ohm's law super conductor


if the synchronizing b/w generator and busbar not complete and we close the out going circuit breaker of generator then what happen ?

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diffrence between windings of high tension side and low tension side of transformer

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how to size H.T & L.T Panel ?


Explain the iniluencc of short circuit ratio on the pert'orniancc of synchronous machine.


what exactly commisioning work does in electrical site work... LT side?..


How to design harmonic filter at the project stage without nowing the harmonics levels


Comment on the working principle of operation of a single-phase transformer.


Define noise?


What are the criteria shall be considers for sizing Fuse and MCB? If the rated current is 10Amps what should be the fuse size / MCB Size?


Can you tell me more about pu systems (per unit systems )calculation in large power systems? how to get the base for voltage and power in generator, transformator and transmission lines?


Which cable is use for rtcc control panel


Explain the advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plant?


what is a types of short circuit and what is a types of distance protection tests


Give some differences between open loop and closed loop control systems.


Draw a block diagramof Three UPS systems connected in Parallel mode?


we have consol make 3 phase servo stabilizer for cnc m/c. while installing the earth neutral voltage is 1.7 volts at stbilizer off condition and when stabilizer get on en voltage reaches 4.8 volts (new earthing is done and neutral is helthy condition all phase to neutral volts 440,442,441 v)why this happen.solution for cause.


what is the synchronous timer ? and it applications.