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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How do i right a ladder diagram that has 1 actuator that performs a full stroke followed by a half stroke

Tata Motors,


Dear sir,We have a 7.5hp motor,it was running smoothly and suddenly one winding is carring more current then others(r=6.5,y=6.3,b=10)..whts wrong with tis...?

Hindustan Motors,

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What happens if we give the supply to the rotor of induction motor and make its terminal shorted?

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HI,how to know that the MEGGER which i am using is working properly,reply....thankyou


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what is conductor constant taken for calculation of voltage regulation of 11 kv and 33kv line on dog aor rabbit conductor

CSPDCL-Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited,

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My ups output shows 230 v between phase and neutral,but show zero between phase and earth.Is the system/installation is correct.If not what will be the possible reasons

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if grounding is notdone at regular intervals for long distance transmission, will the load connected at distribution end receive voltage during negativehalf cycle of the sine wave?

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Can anybody tell the formula to calculate temparature rise in the cable with respect to current?

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Dear sir,how should i set the relay in star delta starter..say ex i am having 4ohp motor,,wht should be the relay setting...?

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What are the weight of 800KV DA,DB and DC type tower ?



How dia computation perfomed in cold rolling mills .


who to select a swicth fuse unit......?

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What is meant by Load Encroachment in OHL Feeder Protection?


can any one provide me a connection wiring diagram for a DG set control panel along with BOM?



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Write a note on Treatment for electric shock.


what is the advantages of having in-built acvvvf (without seperate inverter in the control panel)in the drive system of elevators?


we have an energy meter in a capacitor bank panel, So should we consider it's readings as energy consumption on daily basis. (when capacitor bank doesn't have any energy losses)


how to check three phase motor torque value?


What is 100% protection of generator? Why 100% is not used but 95% is generally used?


what's the exact magnitude of current, flows through Neutral?


From reading, Under voltage relay used also as phase sequence relay now, Why I use under voltage and phase sequence relay in the same circuit (ATS)?


What is the reason for using a GE G101 MCB in place of an EP102 MCB if both are capable of AC circuit protection?


Please define ohm’s law for a.c (alternating current)?


at what rate the micro controller increment its it 1micro seconds or 1/(12*10^6) seconds


i need to give section engineer (electrical engineer) for RRB. Please suggest some book


What is the approximate value of stacking factor?


State the points to be considered for selecting a particular type wiring.


Why Neutral Isolation is required?


10 tube light connect in mcb tube light is breaker is fault is rectified.(using 3wire phase,earth,neutral)